Building Antifragile Supply Chains

Strengthening America’s Supply Chains

We are here to provide any and every product needed in North America by building supply chain from destinations in sync with American Interests.

Even more so now, as the COVID-19 pandemic exposes the weak links. We’re here to fix them, not wish them away.

Reviving Local Manufacturing

A strong dependence on a few manufacturers or manufacturers in only one region makes supply chains fragile. A lack of local manufacturing adds additional vulnerabilities in a time of disruptions. Alternative manufacturers are not connected to procurement specialists.

Global Leverage

HonestBlocks leverages a sourcing team that

  • speaks over 50 languages
  • has a ground network in North America and several developing countries of South Asia, SE Asia, Africa, and South America
  • and has built an in-house computational platform, to build a distributed, agile supply chain for key products for dealing with any crises.