The HonestBlocks Vision

  • Distributed supply chains for FMCG, medical supplies and raw materials
  • Supply quality and compliance assessment
  • Packaging solutions for broader cross-market penetration
  • Integrated system for tracking goods from production through delivery

Future Goals

  • Catalyzing newer brands with maximal manufacturing in North America. 
  • Transforming the retail sector.
  • Helping enable supplies to mom-and-pop stores and building relations through exclusive contracts.

Why you should do business with HonestBlocks

We have found reliable deals for sanitary, healthcare, medicine, and packing requirements after scrutinizing 40K plus options. See our catalogue for more information.

We have started working with Federal and State/Provincial Governments of USA and Canada and major private entities for supplying necessary items.

We have recruited and trained a backend of 50-plus purchase officers and engineers.

We have developed an in-house AI-based demand-and-supply matching algorithm and 7 blockchain products. 

We have developed the largest supply and demand database in the world.